Dr. G.L.K. Public School – Curriculum

  • The co-educational school follows the CBSE curriculum.
  • The school runs classes from Play Group to XII.
  • Activities that aid in personality and mental development are part of the curriculum at the school.
  • Excursions and tours are organized from time to time.
General School Rules and Regulations

The academic session runs from April to March and is divided into two terms. Students are required to be present on the opening and the closing day of each term.

Students must attend School in neat and clean uniforms. The prescribed school uniform is to be worn to class and representing the school anywhere else. The proper P.T. uniform, with house colours, is to be worn on Wednesday & Saturday.

Students must be punctual to School and present on time at all place where they are supposed to be Assembly, regular classes, P.T. school functions, etc. Students regularly coming late by five minutes or more may not be allowed to enter the school.

All student must learn the National Anthem, Pledge, Assembly Prayer, School Motto and School Song. Proper respect must be given to National Anthem and National Flag, as well as to the School Song, School Banner, School Flag and House Flag.

Students are required to attend the Assembly each morning before the classes begin and actively participate in the same.

Regular absence, habitual idleness, regular lack of adherence to School rules, repeated neglect of class work and homework, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the School staff, insubordination, objectionable moral behaviors, any kind of unfair practice and/or threat to any School staff, Management personnel either within or beyond the School premises will be sufficient reason for the Principal, after consulting with other staff for giving a forced Transfer Certificate to the students. Students are responsible to the Principal for their conduct both inside and outside of the school.